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27 August, 18:57

Who was sentenced to death for corrupting the youth of Athens?

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  1. 27 August, 20:08
    Socrates, is the right answer.


    The trial of Socrates in 399 BC was carried to decide the guilt of two charges on the philosopher. These two charges were the "asebeia" and the corruption of the youth of Athens, one of the city-states of Greek. The prosecutors in the case of Socrates cited two immoral actions by Socrates; he failed to acknowledge the deities that the city approves and that he introduced new deities to the citizens.

    Orderly prosecution was the second component of the trial of Socrates, which Meletus, the accuser, testified to be accurate, before the archon who recognized the testimony and commanded since the litigation of "moral corruption of Athenian youth" and "sin", cannot be ignored and thus the scholar must constitutionally respond; the archon ordered Socrates for a trial by judges.
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