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Population and population trends of camels i Kenya, Somali, Ethiopia and Sudan

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    1. Kenya: 3 million

    2. Ethiopia: 4.8 million

    3. Somali: 7 million

    4. Sudan: 3 million

    Figures are approximate*

    Population trends:

    Camel populations are increasing in these arid and semi-arid regions. It is suggested that the effects of climate change are linked to this trend.


    In Kenya, the population of camels in Kenya was an estimated of three million individuals, according to a research study in 2009. The population trends indicate that the camel population has continued to increase as, in the late-90s, it was of only 0.8 million individuals.

    According to Behnke (2010), the camel population of Ethiopia is approximately 4.8 million individuals. From 1996 to 2006, the camel population increased by 10%.

    Somali has the largest population of camels in the world. Over seven million individuals currently inhabit this region. The population trends indicate that camel populations are increasing.

    Sudan has an estimated camel population of three million individuals. According to FAO statistics, it is increasing at a yearly growth of over 2%.
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