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5 June, 14:26

What condition is considered normal in the United States?

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  1. 5 June, 15:29
    Answer:Creeping Inflation

    Explanation: Since the definition says that the deeper reason pf this it is said to be believed that increases gradually, but continually, over time. The relatively small effect of creeping inflation, when viewed long-term, actually adds up to a pretty significant increase in the cost of living. Which is always normal in the U. S since everything is always up and down you never can really tell.
  2. 5 June, 15:52
    Normal condition in a state is when the purpose of governance is achieved. When there is peace and citizen's need are met. When there is no strike by terrorist, a time when there is no pandemic taking the lives of the people. It can then be said to be normal.
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