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In which part of China is its capital located?: NE, NW, SE, or SW?

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  1. 27 August, 09:49
    What Is China's Capital?

    Before we know where China's capital is, we need to know what China's capital is.

    China's capital is Beijing.

    The Capital's Famousness:

    Now we will learn about Beijing to get you familiar with the city. After you read this, do you have a guess where Beijing is located?

    Beijing is located the closest to the Pacific Ocean, but better yet, here are some famous things Beijing is known for. Beijing is famous for the Ancient Chinese Architecture. Beijing is also famous for the cloisonne. Beijing is famous for the Hutongs, too. The Ancient Chinese Architecture exists right along more modern buildings such as the Great Wall of China. Cloisonne is an enamel that is a kind of copper craftwork. The Hutongs are Beijing's traditional narrow streets and alleys.

    The Capital's Location:

    Finally, you'll learn where Beijing is located!

    Beijing is located in NE, or northeast. Its coordinate is 116°20′ E, 39°56′ N. So Beijing is not very far from other Asian cities. It is about 950 km from Seoul (2 hours' flight), 2100 km from Tokyo (3.5 hours' flight), 2200 km from Hong Kong (3 hours' flight), 4550 km from Singapore (6 hours' flight), 4650 km from Kuala Lumpur (6.5 hours' flight), etc. For cities in America, Europe, Oceania and other places in this planet, Beijing is literally half a world away!


    Your final answer is NE!
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