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25 June, 18:19

Which of the following are third parties that formed in the U. S.? Select all that apply.

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  1. 25 June, 18:59
    Third parties that formed in the United States are as follows: Prohibitist party (was formed in 1869); Populist party (was formed in 1892); Liberterian party (was formed in 1971). In simple terms, all other political parties in the United States, apart from the Republican and Democratic parties, are refered to as "Third Party"
  2. 25 June, 19:44
    Answer: Populist Prohibition Libertarian Explanation: The Populist Party consisted principally of peasants afflicted with the Democratic and Republican Parties. The Populists thought that the central government required to play a further vital part in the American marketplace by managing many industries, particularly the railroads. The Prohibition Party, whose purpose was to prevent the adoption of alcoholic drinks in the nation, came into being in 1869 at a conference in Chicago coordinated by the Rev. John Russell of Michigan. Representatives from 20 states took place in it. Libertarianism in the United States is a campaign supporting personal freedom and reduced administration. Although the term "libertarian" proceeds to be broadly adopted to relate to anti-state socialists globally, its application in the United States has strayed from its legislative roots.
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