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Which is one factor that contributed to the rise of Sikhism?

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    Guru Nanak is name the founder of Sikhism. Among their believes are the principles of equality for women, the prohibition of sati (funeral immolation) and the practice of langar (community dining room). In the year 1581, Guru Arjan (the fifth guru of the Sikhs) was responsible for the construction of the Golden Temple, he prepared the Guru-grant-sajib ('sacred scripture of the gurus') and added 2000 more hymns, created by himself and declaring it as the sacred book of the Sikhs.

    Guru Har Gobind (the sixth guru) led the Sikhs to be a military force training them to defend their independence which could be said that was the one factor that contributed to the rise of Sikhism. Guru Gobind Rai, from his part, promoted the militarization of his followers. The Sikhs ruled several kingdoms known as the Sikh Empire, which disappeared after two wars against the English. Such wars were known as the Anglo-Sikh wars. They were defeated in the second war, after which the Sikh territory was annexed to the British colony of India.

    In order to avoid religious persecution from the British, most of the Sikhs who lived in what today is Pakistan emigrated to India after the partition of British India that happened in the year of 1947.
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