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McCarthyism "describes making charges against people without?

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  1. 10 January, 20:39
    Proper regard for evidence


    McCarthyism refers to the practice of making accusations against people without proper regard for evidence. The term comes from the practices of U. S. senator Joseph McCarthy, who was known for encouraging political repression and for persecuting those who he believed to be communists. This practice became more unpopular after the mid-1950s, but the term is still used in the present to refer to situations that resemble those of the Second Red Scare (1940s and 1950s).
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    McCarthyism is also known as Red Scare. It was named after its most famous supporter called Senator Joseph McMacarthy.

    McCarthyism involves making allegations of treason against individuals without any substantial proof or evidence. It was common with the pro-Communists and made people scared and careful so as not to be wrongly accused.
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